Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcano Programs

Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcano Programs
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​Our Purpose​

  • Promote efforts to reduce earthquake risks.
  • Promote tsunami planning, ​preparedness and hazard mitigation among California’s coastal communities.
  • Promote volcanic awareness, planning and preparedness in vulnerable areas of California.



The Great ShakeOut Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=7The Great ShakeOut10th Anniversary of the Great ShakeOut. Drop, Cover, and Hold On or Lock, Cover, and Hold On.10/18/2018 5:15:00 PM10/18/2018 5:20:00 PMThroughout the entire State of California and Internationally!<p>​Join 10 Million Californian's in the Drop, Cover, and Hold On, or Lock, Cover, and Hold On Drill</p>{C69D505C-8DE4-453C-AC75-9E8C132F4925}GP0|#4daae993-80e8-4ce5-8bd0-cb49d5762fb3;L0|#04daae993-80e8-4ce5-8bd0-cb49d5762fb3|Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcano Programs;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B010100FB1A34566D6EF1459FB33E217AE4EC927


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